Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Count Olaf Movie Book

Behind the Scenes with Count Olaf
(A Series of Unfortunate Events Movie Book) Lemony Snicket Series Unfortunate Events Count Olaf Movie Book

Are you standing up? Well, you'd better be, because you're about to give a standing ovation!!! Come behind the scenes of the Greatest Film Ever Made with me -- Count Olaf -- the movie's unspeakably dashing writer, director, producer, art director, cameraman, stuntman, set designer, and star! You'll get:

  • Rare behind-the-scenes photos of me, looking extremely handsome!
  • An absolutely spectacular fire!
  • The last moments of several useless extras!
  • Top-secret costume designs that could make even orphans look good!
  • One of the largest manmade bodies of water ever constructed, with the exception of reservoirs and other artificial lakes!
  • Your favorite moments from the film, with candid remarks by me, the moviemaking genius!
  • Other Hollywood hijinx!

    If you don't buy this book, you'll regret it. (That's not a joke.) So join Count Olaf -- that's me! -- on this journey through the magical movieland of my mind!  Of course you can have my autograph!

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