The One Armed Cook

No, it's not a story about a one armed's a guidebook and cookbook for Moms who are always in the kitchen with a baby on the hip!

Oh how I wish this book had been written while I was pregnant with my first child... it would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration as I tried to figure out how to get a hot nutritious meal on the table while holding, nursing and bouncing a newborn.

4 kiddos later, I am loving the techniques, tips and help in this book. One of the recipes is bubbling away in the slow cooker as we speak. :)

The book is chock full of recipes but with a unique twist...everything (short of pulling the hot casserole dish out of the oven, LOL) can be accomplished with literally one hand! There is no chopping, no dicing, no difficult moves. And the ingredients are all simple and can be found readily at every grocery store (who has the energy or time to drive across town to the specialty stores with a new baby?). The book even gives you step by step directions on how to plan parties and small get-togethers. And after reading the suggestions, I'm ready to tackle a Mommy brunch.

I only own two cookbooks and don't usually get excited enough about a new one to buy it, but I was so impressed with The One Armed Cook, I had to have it right away. Get your hands on The One Armed Cook if you're sick to death of fast food, Chinese takout or burned attempts at dinner. You'll love it!

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