Violet Baudelaire

In Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet Baudelaire is the eldest of the 3 Baudelaire orphans. She is 14 years old and her favorite hobby is working with mechanical devices.                Violet Baudelaire sailing on Lake Lachrymose

Violet Baudelaire has quite a mind for inventing things, and to Violet, "there's always something", Violet can use the most ordinary objects to make something useful.

When she is thinking hard on a new invention, she can be seen tying up her hair with a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes.

Her inventions prove very useful to her and her brother Klaus and sister Sunny, especially as they escape Count Olaf's clutches.

Violet especially feels the heavy burden of her parent's death, since as the oldest of the children, she must look out for and protect her siblings.

Violet Baudelaire is a very rational girl and does her best to stay positive so that she can tackle whatever unfortunate event the children are dealing with currently, without complaint and with a maturity that is beyond her years.

Facts about Violet Baudelaire

Violet's favorite book is The Life of Nikola Tesla
Violet is allergic to peppermints.
Violet enjoys skipping rocks.
Her least favorite color is very bright pink.
Violet is right handed (we discover this during the Marvelous Marriage, when Violet tricks Count Olaf so that she is not legally married to him.)
Violet enjoys Duncan Quagmire's company.

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